We make selling on Amazon easier for you !


We ‘Fulfill’ Amazon’s Requirements to the Letter

Amazon’s packaging and prep requirements are highly detailed.

All products need a scannable barcode. Boxed units over a certain size must pass a 3-foot drop test. The poly bags for items must conform to other requirements as well, including a warning label if the opening is larger than a certain size.

Each requirement depends on the product, its size, fragility and more. When you don’t fulfill these requirements, Amazon will hit you with fees to do it for you.

Our prep center prepares multiple shipments every day. It’s all we do, so you know we know Amazon’s requirements like the back of their hand.

Product Quality Is Assured

Inspecting products for faults is necessary for all sellers who want to keep their reputation intact. It lowers the chances of more frequent returns. However, it’s a time-consuming process.

Using packandshipglobal,Llc service means you have someone in your corner to help ensure quality. You can even hire us to do a complete inspection of all your products for you before shipping them off to Amazon.

We can Save You Money

The pricing for our service is fully customizable. Whether you require kitting, labeling, or bundling, you’ll get charged only for what you need.

Also, we buy our materials in bulk. Further saving you money in the long run on packing materials.

We are strategically placed close to several Amazon warehouses. Texas ranks number 2 in having the most warehouse locations for Amazon. This saves you plenty compared to what you would spend on shipping on your own.

We Save Your Effort and Time

No matter what you sell, we can help you with a quicker turnaround time. Our turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours on most products depending on quantity, sometimes even quicker on small orders saving you valuable time.

This time savings for you means you can spend more time growing your business. Or you can spend it sourcing more items.

The prep and ship services we provide could save you time, money, and headache. Click here for answers to any questions you might have regarding our prep and pack, white label, and order fulfillment services. Get in touch to see how we can help.